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And WHAT could be occurring in OCTOBER?

OCTOBER is Columbus Day and the official end of SUMMER. And in my neck of woods, the passports and the leaves are painted brown -- well, not before they go red, yellow and orange. And OCTOBER is Halloween -- with all our favorite monsters and the treats they bring us. OCTOBER is John Lennon. Ezra Pound. Eleanor Roosevelt. Bela Lugosi. All celebrate birthday-anniversaries in OCTOBER. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dawn Wells! Here's to OCTOBER!

DAWN WELLS who played MARY ANN on the TV show, "Gilligan's Island" (1964-67) celebrates her 76th birthday on October 18th. I don't think I was the only boy who wished he was shipwrecked on that island. And how many of us had to answer THAT question: "Ginger or Mary Ann?" I'm sure MARY ANN was my answer. Though Ginger was truly HOT in that classic Marilyn Monroe fashion, she just seemed a bit out of reach. A Movie Star!?! How could a simple, sixth grade parochial school kid like me, ever have a chance with Ginger, the movie star? Not that my chances with down-home, girl-next-door, Mary Ann were any better. But a boy can dream. And dreams can come true when "you write the book," as I did in Frankenstein Meets Sister Mary Shelley.

John Lennon
JOHN LENNON was born on OCTOBER 9, 1940. This is the first time you've met me if you don't know what a BEATLES/John Lennon fan I am. And I finally have the opportunity to share what that's all about in my soon-to-be (self) published story of this FAB FOUR fan who found it very difficult to choose a Confirmation name in the Year of the Devil in "SAINT RINGO."

Eleanor Roosevelt
ELEANOR ROOSEVELT was born on OCTOBER 11, 1884. I believe it was my Live-Journal friend, Jen Groff, that got me thinking about Eleanor Roosevelt one day in 2006. After numerous nights, reading all I could find on the web on this amazing woman, I set about to capture her portrait. I was in early stages of my "digital collage" period and included many significant items in her portrait: a tea cup, a room with French doors with a view to a brick walled garden and a Fiat. All items I had found had "something to do" with Eleanor. The major difference in this piece as compared to others completed around this time, is that it included ball-point pen ink with the usual colored pencil.

Ezra Pound
EZRA POUND who celebrates his 129th birthday-anniversary on OCTOBER 30, in all likelihood never had fisticuffs with T.S.Eliot (though all I've read about the man and his temper, it does seem possible). But it was actually BOB DYLAN who introduced me to these two authors in his song, DESOLATION ROW. The line, "...Ezra Pound and T.S.Eliot are fighting in the captain's tower..." planted the picture in my brain of these two notoriously hard-drinking writers about to come to blows in a bar called, yes, The Captain's Tower. I "put that thought-dream" in an illustration.

Bela Lugosi
BELA LUGOSI celebrates his 132nd birthday-anniversary on October 20th. The "most famous" face of Dracula was first captured in one of my illustrations when an early fan to my website asked me to illustrate the song, "We've Got Tonight." With the night-theme in my head, I decided to illustrate the song that had just recently became a too-often-played duet with Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton with a new duet, the KING of Night Creatures, BELA LUGOSI as DRACULA and QUEEN Killer of Night Creatures, Sarah Michelle Gellar as BUFFY the Vampire Killer. I recently had an opportunity to illustrate the vampire that along with the other Famous Monsters -- The Wolfman, The Mummy, The Creature, The Phantom of the Opera, Godzilla and Frankenstein -- who all played such and important role in my childhood in my fictionalized-autobiographical "graphic-poem," Frankenstein Meets Sister Mary Shelley.

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