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And WHAT'S NEW in November?

NOVEMBER is the month that can be the last days of Fall or as just easily, the first days of Winter—especially here in New England. NOVEMBER is "turkey-day." Thanksgiving. NOVEMBER is MY month. My birthday month, that is! And this year, I celebrate my 60th Birthday—HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME!!!

But I'm not the only one with a birthday (or birthday-anniversary) this month. Check out the others, here. These, of course, are those folks who some time or another inspired me to put their likeness in a portrait-caricature.

KURT VONNEGUT would have been 92 on NOVEMBER 11th. Just after he died in April of 2007, I wanted to do a portrait of this satircal writer. My research gave me the inspiration to commemorate Vonnegut's inspiration behind his famous SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE novel and incorporate the "brick wall" from a series of illustrations I was creating at the time.

John Lennon
GODZILLA (the original movie) was released on NOVEMBER 3rd, 1954. Just 13 days before yours truly. As a kid growing up in the sixties, you could trump a game of "Let's Play Monsters" by chosing to be Godzilla. The "King of All Monsters" could do in any vampire, mummy or werewolf with his radioactive breath! So, it was a logical choice to include Godzilla in my self-published, somewhat autobiographical tale, Frankenstein Meets Sister Mary Shelley—don't you agree?

Jimi Hendrix
JIMI HENDRIX was born on NOVEMBER 27, 1942. I remember this first time I heard Hendrix. The first time I was experienced! Do you? In 2004, I set about to capture Jimi in a full-color illustration titled "Play With Me" from his song FIRE.

Lyle Lovett
LYLE LOVETT celebrates his 57th birthday on NOVEMBER 1st. This illustration, titled "Creeps Like Me," debuted at my solo show—I've Just Seen A FACE—in 2006 and was never seen again. Not by the public, that is. It was a gift for my wife (who also has a birthday in November) and has been hanging in our home ever since.

Mark Twain
MARK TWAIN or Samuel Clemens was born on NOVEMBER 30th, 1835. Mark Twain has shown up in four slatts' originals over the years. One of them with a naked Joyce Carol Oates!

Joni Mitchell
JONI MITCHELL celebrates her 71st birthday on NOVEMBER 7th. It was probably ten years ago when I did my first caricature of this singer-songwriter, but it's my 2007 version that I prefer. I also render a very-electric version of her that was originally designed for what was to become Ain't gonna hang no pixel—an artist stops painting with paint but Joni didn't make the cut.

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