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Who's DANCING in December?

MAYBE SNOWFLAKES on your windowpane. Or your bare-naked toes on a sandy beach a billion miles away from anything "Deck-The-Hall-ish!" Maybe Emily Dickinson is dancing to Little Richard's "Long Tall Sally." I have no problem picturing that—though I haven't yet committed it to paper or canvas. Who's that sexy girl dancing in the corner at Kirk Douglas' 98th birthday party—Lee Remick? And I'd bet Jane Austen would dance with Keith Richards if he'd only put down his guitar and put out that cigarette.

Who's dancing in December?

I hope you are. I know I am. Enjoy my DECEMBER website!

KEITH RICHARDS celebrates his 71st birthday on DECEMBER 18th. I celebrated my most successful collage with this portrait of the infamous rock n' roll guitarist. Sheet music, cut-paper, and even an actual guitar pick went into this illustration that I completed in time for Keith's birthday in 2008. See more...

Keith Richards Coffee Mug by SLATTS
Fan of Keith Richards (or know one)? A coffee mug I designed with my image of Keith and a great Richards' quote is over in my SHOP—check it out!

Little Richard
LITTLE RICHARD turns 82 on DECEMBER 5th. Speaking of DANCING in DECEMBER, inspired by his performance—especially his slithery dance—in the movie, "The Girl Can't Help It", I set out to capture "his move." First, in an animated cartoon GIF and later, in this monochromatic illustration. See more...

Like Achilles
BRAD PITT turns 51 this DECEMBER 18th. He might do some dancing in DECEMBER. It certainly appears like he's dancing here with Bob Dylan in my illustration that paired Pitt as Achilles from his 2004 movie TROY with man who wrote "Temporary Like Achilles" in 1966. See more...

Emily Dickinson
EMILY DICKINSON celebrates her 184th birthday-anniversary on DECEMBER 10th. Emily and I have had long running love-affair. She, first, was that "famous writer" that I set out to do a cariacture-portrait in time for her birthday but then became an obsession. With only one photo as a source, she became my favorite model—each time, trying more to define her and capture her likeness and her person. Happy Birthday, Emily! Save a dance for me!

Emily Dickinson
I did a series of four illustrations of Emily using her poetry for each of the four seasons to define each piece. I put those four images into one design for a Cafe Press coffee mug called "Emily For All Seasons. It's in my SHOP—check it out!

Lee Remick
LEE REMICK was born on DECEMBER 14th, 1935. This is a detail from an illustration titled, "Of Wine and Roses." I was watching some old Lee Remick movies—"Days of Wine and Roses" and "Anatomy of a Murder"—and I suddenly felt a need to try to capture her beauty. It was during a period when my work involved the combination of photos and drawings as the base art. My long-time, online artist friend, Suzanne Clements was very helpfu with her pose for this illustration.

Kirk Douglas
KIRK DOUGLAS was born on DECEMBER 9th, 1916. This batik (a javanese art of wax-resist dyeing) illustration was "born" in March of 2006. One of a number of batik pieces I did in Jeanne Sisson's class.

Jane Austen
JANE AUSTEN was born on DECEMBER 16th in 1775. I don't know when I drew this but I'm sure it was for my long-time friend and editor—the Poet Queen—Kelly Ramsdell.

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