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What's UP in AUGUST?

TEMPERATURES, maybe? In a dog-day way, if so. Alfred HITCHCOCK, Jerry GARCIA, Robert MITCHUM, Lucille BALL and Andy WARHOL were all what's up in AUGUST. All have birthday-anniversaries this month.

DO YOU NEED some "Summer Reading?" Can I make a few suggestions? You might solve the AUGUST 6th mystery.

ROBERT MITCHUM was born on AUGUST 6th, 1917. The classic tough-guy with that cocked-eyebrow something-up-his-sleeve smirk was the perfect player for the role of my schoolyard outlaw, Rick, in Frankenstein Meets Sister Mary Shelley.

Alfred Hitchcock ALFRED HITCHCOCK was born on AUGUST 13th, 1899. Being a longtime fan, I first attempted to capture the director's likeness in a colored-pencil illustration titled, BRANDY!, as a somehwat homage to the film inclusion of this drink.

Jerry Garcia JERRY GARCIA was born on AUGUST 1st, 1942. There are MANY people who worship this guy and his band. I was never one of them. But there was an album that I enjoyed and its title created an interesting play on words for the title of my portrait, The Working Man's Dead. Read more...

Andy Warhol ANDY WARHOL the infamous soup-can artist, the inventor of POP!, the re-inventor of classics like MARILYN MONROE and FRANKENSTEIN, was born on AUGUST 6th, 1928. Speaking of Frankenstein, ANDY WARHOL plays a role in my re-invention of the classic, Frankenstein Meets Sister Mary Shelley -- the autobiographical fiction of my parochial school days as a young artist (ANDY plays the artist for fifteen minutes) who discovered that creativity aimed at authority can have monstrous results. Read more...

Lucille Ball LUCILLE BALL was born on AUGUST 6th, 1911. When I needed a "crybaby" to play me on my very first day of parochial school in Frankenstein Meets Sister Mary Shelley, LUCILLE BALL with her big cry, "Wah!" was the first person that came to mind, in this pose, exactly!

HAVE YOU figured out that AUGUST 6th thing?

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