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What's NEW in July?

IT'S A MONTH of birthdays. Like HAPPY BIRTHDAY, America on JULY 4th! And Ringo Starr on JULY 7th. Mick Jagger, on the 26th. It's the official "SUMMER'S HERE!" Month and time to park yourself on a blanket on a beach!

And if you need some "summer reading," can I make a few suggestions? Any way you decide to spend the month of JULY -- ENJOY!

John and Paul from Frankenstein Meets Sister Mary Shelley LENNON MET McCARTNEY on JULY 6th at St.Peter's Church garden fete in 1957. What became of that meeting is history of epic proportions in the world of music and entertainment. That friendship that became that partnership was truly inspiring -- to me, at least. And when I described my early days as an artist, I wrote, "My pencil's name is Number Two, my best friend through it all. And like best friends make good teams like teammates, John and Paul." in my latest "graphic-poem," "Frankenstein Meets Sister Mary Shelley" -- the autobiographical fiction of my parochial school days as a young artist who discovered that creativity aimed at authority can have monstrous results (the image above was used to illustrate this line).

Ringo from SAINT RINGO RINGO STARR celebrates his 74th birthday on JULY 7th. Back in 1964, when I first saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, I might have said this: "Now, I was only 9 years old, but it seemed clear to me. Of all the Beatles standing there, there was ONE I must be! John and Paul and George were cool but something did not click. I liked the guy who seemed to laugh each time he'd flail a stick!" That guy was Ringo Starr! That quote is from my in-progress, graphic-poem titled "SAINT RINGO."

Mick Jagger MICK JAGGER turns 21, I mean, SEVENTY-ONE on JULY 26th! However, when I was 21 (or somewhere around that 'art-school' age) I rendered this caricature of the Rolling Stones' frontman. The drawing somehow got buried in my flat files. I just uncovered it this year. Just in time for Mick's birthday. Happy Birthday, Mick! (Check it out in my GALLERY)

Amelia Earhart AMELIA EARHART, the famous female aviator, was born on JULY 24, 1897. That was one hundred seventeen years ago -- Happy Birthday-anniversary, Amelia! Some one hundred and nine years later this illustration was born. After a frustrating day in the batik workshop, I set out to capture Amelia in a medium more familiar in my hands (colored pencil, of course!). This "flight" took three hours on the evening of February 4th, 2006.