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What about SEPTEMBER?

BACK TO SCHOOL! Alright, everyone knows "the day the music died." Do you the day the music was born? Did you know the man who wrote that "April was cruelest month" was born in September? And what does "Honey West" have to do with September? OK. Birthday-anniversaries, here. What about birthdays? Remember "Melrose Place?" Remember "'Salem's Lot?" Those should be your clues.

Who played Buddy Holly? BUDDY HOLLY was born on SEPTEMBER 7th, 1936. When it came time to render this pioneer of Rock 'n' Roll's portrait, another "kid from Lubbock, Texas" stepped up to be my model.

Melrose Place Mama HEATHER LOCKLEAR celebrates her 53rd birthday on SEPTEMBER 25th. I don't know much about this actress' life or career except for her stint on "Melrose Place." My son and I were once mesmerized by this show's soap-opera madness and Ms.Locklear played one hot but mean Bee-yach!

In the Captain's Tower
T.S. ELIOT who was born on SEPTEMBER 26th, 1888, probably never had fisticuffs with Erza Pound in a bar called "The Captain's Tower," but it seemed fitting to illustrate it as such when I heard that line from Dylan's "Desolation Row."

Stephen King STEPHEN KING celebrates his 67th birthday on SEPTEMBER 21st. Though his fame as a scary writer is known by everyone, I chose to illustrate him as a Faithful baseball fan when I saw him in the stands at the 2004 World Series.

Anne Francis ANNE FRANCIS played "HONEY WEST" in the 1960's TV detective show. Anne was born on SEPTEMBER 16th, 1930. My schoolyard friend, Lilly -- in the fictionalized-autobiographical story, SAINT RINGO -- is also "played by" Honey West!

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