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My dad passed away on May 20, 2015. I intend to keep this website alive with the materials he has left behind. Have patience, as this is a process, and file organization was definitely not one my dad's strongest suits.

If you have any questions — or any of my dad's artwork kicking around that you'd like featured on this site — contact me at

Brennon A. Slattery

APRIL 2015


If you're new to my website, it's my hope you find it entertaining—tour the links and see the show! For those of you returning—you know the drill! ~slatts


APRIL birthdays include BETTE DAVIS who we see here as a bathing suit beauty on a beach in Ain't gonna hang no pixel -- the MAGAZINE of the MONTH.


APRIL birthdays also include Lady Day BILLIE HOLIDAY.

bush is a fool

APRIL is Fool's Day as in APRIL FOOL'S DAY! Remember when GEORGE W. BUSH illustrated my take on "THE FOOL ON A HILL"?


APRIL is the month Ramona Quimby's author celebrates another birthday.


APRIL is the month "BUFFY" scares up another birthday. I don't know what Sarah Michelle Gellar is doing these days. As you can see, I did this portrait back when I needed a young, sexy vampire-killer to duet with the vampire of all vampires, Bela Lugosi as Dracula, in their rendition of "We've Got Tonight."


APRIL MAGAZINE OF MONTH: AIN'T GONNA HANG NO PIXEL. "Birthday Babes" BILLIE HOLIDAY and BETTE DAVIS debuted their electric portraits in this publication which itself debuted on APRIL 16, 2011 at the first annual PAINT & PIXEL Festival in Northampton, MA

Were you there? 'Was a rather cool event. Saw PAINT and PIXEL Fest II but then it disappeared. Too bad. Like I said, a rather cool event!


APRIL marks the 11th anniversary of SLATTS' BLOG!


APRIL is jumpin' JACK NICHOLSON month! I'm a big fan of JACK NICHOLSON. I absolutely love his crazy. Like One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and The Shinning. I'm not sure when I did this caricature-portrait. Everything points to shortly before I did the piece below.

JACK AND BETTE once teamed up in my illustration of a select few lines of Bob Dylan's TOMBSTONE BLUES.


APRIL is the month CAROL BURNETT celebrates another birthday!


APRIL is DUKE ELLINGTON'S birthday month.


APRIL may have been the cruelest month for T.S.ELIOT'S pen but not for mine (neither of them -- the red one or the blue one) when it came to completing his portrait ten years ago on APRIL 6th. Nothing cruel about it, I don't think. 'You?

ON APRIL 14th of the same year, Mr.ELIOT had fisticuffs with EZRA POUND in The Captain's Tower in my illustration inspired by Dylan's "DESOLATION ROW." READ more here...


APRIL 17, 2005: Who can identitfy these Three Women?

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slatts's DRAWING BOARD Recently got myself "back to the drawing board" as the saying goes! Check out just what that means in terms of getting my next graphic poem SAINT RINGO done, on -- MY BLOG!

ABOUT THIS and MORE When you see this graphic next to any art piece on this site, know that it's a link to the HOW and WHAT and BEHIND-THE-SCENES of many Kslatts illustrations!


APRIL IS A MONTH I apparently spend a lot of time in my studio, for in the month of APRIL, over the years...

...I completed the colored-pencil on batik painting, "I Have A Dream" (MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr.) in 2006;

the ink drawing of BEVERLY CLEARY also in 2006;

the colored-pencil caricature-portraits of JESSICA LANGE in 2007...

and EDGAR ALLAN POE in 2008,

one titled "Food" (JULIA CHILD) 2006;

the multi-media caricature-portraits titled "Down By The River" (VIRGINIA WOOLF) in 2008...

"To Her Herself A Music" (EMILY DICKINSON) also in 2008...

and the digital illustration titled "Chain Gang Jack" (JACK KEROUAC) was rendered in APRIL 2012. Yeah, it might have been a cruel month for Eliot but it was a damn busy month for slatts!