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Happy New Year!

3 JANUARY 2015

Well, 'took me a little bit to get started this year. Cancer is doing its best to slow my stride but here I am! A NEW YEAR! And a NEW SHOW! I'm back in the Baystate Franklin Medical Center's Cafeteria with a full-room show. There are many pieces from last year's show here but that's not all. No, there are some pieces from the "Making Of Frankenstein" show which included many illustrations from my most recent graphic-poem, * "Frankenstein Meets Sister Mary Shelley" that I had on display at the Dickinson Library in Northfield, MA. but that's not all! I have included a number of never-before-seen in public illustrations from my upcoming graphic-poem, "SAINT RINGO!" If you live locally, this is a show you shouldn't miss. Baystate Medical Center Cafeteria, 164 High Street, Greenfield, MA. It will be on display through February.


* What is a graphic-poem? The term was penned by Greenfield Recorder journalist, David Rainville during our 2010 interview. My graphic novel, "A Place I Don't Belong", was the subject of our interview and it rhymed. Thus, graphic-poem. But I like the term also because it implies size. One thinks of a novel as being voluminous. And most graphic-novels follow suit. When I first set out in creating my art magazine, I wanted a product that was easily affordable. Something around five dollars. I found MagCloud and their 16 page magazine fit that bill. The coincidence that the most common product from my former day-job at The Booklet Factory was 16 pages in format is not lost on me. I rather enjoy that. And I hope you, too, enjoy my graphic-poems!

SHOP LOCAL All my publications, my "graphic-poem" art magazines: Ain't gonna hang no pixel, Emily comes to my house, A Place I Don't Belong and Frankenstein Meets Sister Mary Shelley, plus a select selection of my original designs on coffee mugs are all on sale at Northfield Coffee and Books in Northfield, Massachusetts at 105 Main Street. For more info on its hours go to

CONTACT ME and maybe I can meet you there for a coffee, sign your mag or just chat.

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