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March 2015


If you're new to my website, it's my hope you find it entertaining—tour the links and see the show! For those of you returning—you know the drill! ~slatts

The Baystate Franklin Medical Center show and the DVAA The WILSON'S WINTER Show are done. Thanks to all the folks that came out to see them and THANK YOU SO MUCH to those that purchased art! 'Had my last watercolor class with illustrator Astrid Sheckels, now, it's time to get back to the drawing board!

MARCH birthdays include none other than BARBIE, herself! Now, I've never done a portrait of BARBIE, however, in my first graphic-poem, Ain't gonna hang no pixel, I put BARBIE in a movie.

I found her standing on a beach with another MARCH Birthday Baby, Jack Kerouac.

Jack Kerouac

MARCH birthdays also include DON DRAPER (Jon Hamm) and STEVE McQUEEN.


MARCH is the month SPIKE JONES directs himself through another birthday.

MARCH features A PLACE I DON'T BELONG as the BOOK (magazine) of the MONTH. It stars "birthday boy" Jack Kerouac as The POET ON THE ROAD!

MARCH is crazy DR.SEUSS month!

MARCH, yes, MARCH—is the month SLY STONE funks his way through another birthday!

MARCH is "Sweet Baby" JAMES TAYLOR'S birthday month.

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